Ben Keys

International Fine Art Live Wedding Painter based in Charleston, SC




We can't wait to hear about your wedding day and share more about Ben's live wedding portrait paintings!  Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon!


“My experience with Ben Keys and his wife Jen was one of my favorite parts of planning our wedding. They both were such a pleasure to work with, and the whole experience was just magical.”

Elizabeth C.

What medium do you paint in?

Ben uses acrylic paint for his live wedding paintings.  They are fast drying, odorless, and so vibrant in color!

Do you offer finishing touches?

After each wedding, Ben brings the live painting back to our studio in Charleston, SC, for finishing touches.  

How is the painting shipped?

We use a local shipping company that specializes in packaging fine art for the premier Charleston art galleries.  They paintings arrive to you "ready to style": stretched, wired, and ready to hang!

Can you travel to our wedding?

Yes! For the last 10 years, the majority of our weddings have been out-of-state. True Story: Ben can breeze through TSA faster with a paint kit than Jen can her makeup bag. 

When do we decide the moment to be painted?

Our Creative Call is planned about one month leading up to the wedding. We do not need to know the subject of the painting in order to book your date.

Can we gift Live painting as a surprise?

Yes! Could there be a more special wedding gift for a newly married couple? We love sharing successful SURPRISE live paintings pulled off over the years!

Are guests able to talk with ben?

Yes! Ben can talk and paint at the same time, and loves engaging with your guests. We absolutely embrace the entertainment side of the live painting!

How much space does been require?

We are flexible with your ceremony or reception space! Plan on a 10x10ft area for guests to comfortably gather to view the painting throughout the night. 

Does Ben require a table or chair?

No! We love keeping Ben's setup minimal! Ben actually prefers to paint standing and his easel holds everything he needs to create the painting.

Will I need to purchase a frame?

Framing is completely optional! The painting arrives "ready to style" with edges painted and properly wired. Canvas Floater Frames are available as an additional purchase

Can you assist with additional prints?

Yes! We are happy to assist you in bringing your painting to life through additional printed pieces, such as thank you cards and personal stationery.

How soon should we book our date?

Our couples book as much as 10-18 months in advance. His calendar fills quickly as he typically only accepts one out-of-state wedding per weekend.

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