Live Wedding Painter | Middleton Place, Charleston

July 22, 2021

We are so excited to share Alyssa and Ben’s finished Live Painting from their Middleton Place, Charleston Wedding! Alyssa is one of our wedding industry’s own, adding another very sweet layer to their live painting. As a Charleston wedding planner with Stunning and Brilliant Events, we knew that Alyssa’s wedding was going to be out of this world beautiful!

This Live Wedding Painting was actually their Rain Plan Painting!

Would you believe, this wasn’t the original plan for Alyssa and Ben’s live wedding painting! The original plan was for Ben to paint their ceremony! Their ceremony was originally going to be at the Octagonal Gardens, overlooking the water. But then rain happened!

Part of our planning with each of our couples is talking through a thorough Rain Plan for each outdoor live wedding painting! We plan our Rain Plan as if it was the original plan. And on a rainy day, that planning makes a potentially stressful day, way less stressful!

Alyssa and Ben decided that if it rained on their wedding day, they wanted to have Ben capture their first dance and reception. The reception was held in the Pavilion at Middleton Place. And though indoors, the huge windows still give you a gorgeous view of the property. And of course, with Alyssa’s experience as a wedding planner, we knew her reception design would be as beautiful for Ben to capture in their live painting!

A blue and white wedding reception at the Middleton Place Pavilion

There’s nothing more classic and perfectly southern than a blue and white wedding palette! Ben loved capturing these sweet details from their reception held at the Middleton Place pavilion. And oh my goodness, we love how this first dance moment really highlighted Alyssa’s gorgeous gown! The beautiful drapery brought a sweet softness to the reception space, too. Their tables were stunning with lush greenery along the middle as a runner.

Though this wasn’t the original plan, we are sooo excited to finally capture a wedding reception at the Middleton Place Pavilion. Cheers to this incredible couple and their finished live wedding painting!

Alyssa and Ben
Middleton Place
Charleston, SC
24 x 30 in.