Ancient Spanish Monastery Wedding in Miami

March 27, 2019

Oh how we love an Ancient Spanish Monastery wedding! Ansuya and Kyle chose Ben to captured their ceremony held at this incredible property located in Miami, Florida. We are so excited to share their finished live wedding painting!

The Ancient Spanish Monastery has quite a story behind it!

So being a Florida native, I (Jen) just had to learn more about this history of the Ancient Spanish Monastery. Turns out, there is quite a story that starts in Spain! The construction finished in 1141 AD and founder of the Abbey became one of the most influential church leaders of their time. The website shares that there was a social revolution in Spain during the 1830s and the Monastery was seized and sold. It basically became a stable and canary! Fast forward to 1925: William Randolph Hearst purchased the Monastery with the intention of moving it to the United States. He literally had the entire Monastery taken down brick by brick, and then shipped it over to NY. Long story short, Hearst hit financial problems before he was able to rebuild the Monastery. The boxes sat in a Brooklyn warehouse until 1952 and were sold at an auction after Hearst passed away. What you see now is what Time Magazine called “The Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle in History! Brick by brick, they reconstructed the Ancient Spanish Monastery to what you see today: an incredible Miami Wedding Venue!

As a live wedding painter, Ben was so inspired by the historical Spanish architecture. Ansuya and Kyle’s ceremony included a beautifully decorated traditional Indian Mandap. At sunset, Ben captured this incredible moment during the ceremeony, surrounded by their family and friends. What an absolute honor to capture their Ancient Spanish Monastery wedding with a live painting!!

Ansuya & Kyle
Ancient Spanish Monastery
Miami, Florida
30 x 40 in. Live Wedding Painting

Ancient Spanish Monastery Wedding