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The best live wedding paintings at Charleston’s Lowndes Grove

South Carolina

January 14, 2022

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As a Charleston Live Wedding Painter for the last decade, Lowndes Grove has been one of Ben’s favorite wedding venues to paint! And year after year, we fall more in love with this magical property that’s tucked away downtown and overlooks a gorgeous lowcountry marsh view. There’s nothing like the experience of listening to a live band, sipping champagne, and watching two people promise forever together as the sun sets over the water.

Live Wedding Painting Ideas for Lowndes Grove

The truth is, Lowndes Grove is so beautiful that it could truly be captured from every vantage point. It’s always so exciting for us to hear which view our couples ultimately decide on for their Live Wedding Painting. We thought it would be fun to compile examples from over the years of a few of our favorite Lowndes Grove Live Wedding Paintings.

Lowndes Grove Reception, First Dance

The first dance is one of our favorite subjects for Live Wedding Paintings at Lowndes Grove! There’s so much heart and soul invested into the design and decor for each wedding. Not to mention that you still have an incredible view of the water front under the tent! The first dance is a great option for our Lowndes Grove couples who want to include their event design, the waterfront view, and key family and friends!

Lowndes Grove First Dance Live Wedding Painting
Lowndes Grove First Dance Live Painting
Lowndes Grove First Dance Live Painting

Lowndes Grove Ceremony, Waterfront View

Though Ben has painted the ceremony waterfront view from the lawn at Lowndes Grove countless times, no sunset is ever the same! And that’s what makes every painting so unique. We love that some couple choose to include their full wedding party, while others opt to just include the two of them. There are no rules! We love seeing the creative direction our couples take for their ceremony paintings!

Live Wedding Painter Lowndes Grove
Lowndes Grove Ceremony Live Wedding Painter

Lowndes Ceremony, House View

There’s just something so romantic about historic Charleston architecture and the home at Lowndes Grove is absolutely gorgeous. It’s no surprise that many of our couples have their heart set on including the home in the backdrop of their Live Wedding Painting. And this is long before the series Outer Banks came along!

Live Wedding Painter, Lowndes Grove
Live Wedding Painter Charleston Lowndes Grove

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