Robyn and Stephan’s Cedar Room Wedding

February 7, 2021

As a Charleston Live Wedding Painter, The Cedar Room is one of Ben’s favorite Charleston wedding venues to paint. And what’s so amazing about each of these weddings is that they are individually so different. What makes The Cedar Room so incredible as a wedding venue is that it’s truly a blank canvas. No wedding here is ever the same! And oh my heavens, we are so excited to share Robyn and Stephan’s finished live wedding painting!

Working with Robyn and her mom throughout the planning process was so much fun! It was important to Robyn and her family to capture her gorgeous gown and also their key family and friends in their live painting. This spin with Robyn’s dress twirling out was such a beautiful moment in real time … and forever captured in their live wedding painting!

We are so grateful that Robyn and Stephan chose Ben as their live wedding painter! It was a joy to be part of their incredible wedding day in this really special way!

Robyn + Stephan
The Cedar Room
Charleston, SC
24 x 36 in. Live Wedding Painting

Charleston Live Wedding Painter, The Cedar Room