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Jess and Ben’s Legare Waring House Painting

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March 24, 2015

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Ben reached out to us about creating a Legare Waring House Painting for his bride, Jess! His idea was to gift her a print of this painting on their wedding day! As a live wedding painter, Ben loved the idea of creating this Charleston Venue painting for him to then give as a gift!

Legare Waring House is wedding venue located here in Charleston, SC! Believe it or not, this party is also part of the State Park system! And to be honest, it’s a hidden gem! When Ben isn’t creating live wedding paintings, we love visiting Charlestown Landing and walking the trails with our three girls!

The really fun part of this painting is actually the perspective! Usually, ceremony’s are facing the opposite perspective. Guests are typically seated with their backs to the Legare Waring House. We love that Ben chose to paint from this perspective, showing the canopy of Live Oaks with the historic home in the backdrop.

Cheers to this sweet couple and their amazing surprise wedding gift! Send us an email if you’re interested in purchasing this original Legare Waring House Painting or Prints on Canvas!

Legare Waring House
Charleston, South Carolina
24 x 30 in. | Limited Edition, Print on Canvas

Legare Waring House | 24 x 30 in. Oil on CanvasPrints on Canvas and Original Painting Available 
Legare Waring House Painting | 24 x 30 in. Oil on Canvas
Prints on Canvas and Original Painting available upon request

Venue || Legare Waring House, Charleston, South Carolina
Planner || Sweetgrass Social
Photography || Jenna Marie Weddings 
Specialty Rentals || 428 Main 

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