Wedding Painting from favorite photo

A Virginia Wedding Painting from Photos

June 23, 2019

Sandra + Jim
Private Residence
Vienna, Virginia
24 x 30 in. Wedding Painting from Photos

We’re so excited to share Sandra and Jim’s finished Virginia wedding painting from photos!! For over a decade before launching Wed on Canvas, Ben created photo commissions for clients. Though he loves the live aspect of a wedding painting, it’s also really great to create a painting from photos back in the studio! Ben was able to combine several photos to re-create this sweet kiss moment during Sandra and Jim’s reception held in Vienna, VA. We thought it would be really fun to switch up our blog and share a quick interview with her below!

Wedding Painter, Ben Keys, created this painting for Sandra + Jim’s First Anniversary merging several of their wedding photos together.

An interview with the Sandra …

Where did you and Jim celebrate your wedding?

We had the wedding at Jim’s house in Vienna, Virginia.  With most of the family coming in from out of town, we didn’t want to have just a wedding and reception, but a whole weekend of celebration.  So, we set up a tent on the side yard and held the ceremony under the tent, the cocktail hour out by the pool, with dinner and dancing back under the tent.  The next day, we transformed the formal wedding setting to a fun barbecue and pool party.  See attached photos to enjoy the transformation. 

What gave you the idea to commission a wedding painting?

I LOVE original works of art.  An acquaintance had mentioned having someone at her daughter’s wedding that would do sketches of the guests as a “party favor”.  That made me wonder if there were artists that specialized in what I learned is called “live event painting”.  I was able to quickly locate Ben’s website.  I immediately fell in love with Ben’s style — authentic, but with a bit of whimsy and lots of great bold colors.  And, I simply loved the way he was able to capture the beauty of all the different styles of wedding dresses.  He has a way of painting all the shades of white so that you see all the great detail.  It’s a true gift!

How did you decide on the photo for the painting?

The photo of the first kiss at the reception epitomizes what I think of as the beginning of my “happily ever after”.  As corny as it sounds, it absolutely reminds me of the picture on the last page of a Princess Fairy Tale book, where the girl gets her Prince and starts her happily ever after life.  Plus, I love that it captures the sheer delight of all our family and friends.

What makes this wedding painting special to you?

Everything!  The first time I saw the preview, it brought tears to my eyes.  It’s everything that I ever imaged.  And, Ben’s willingness to incorporate my enhancements has made the painting absolutely perfect!  Jim has heard me say many times “that was the best day of my life”.  So, he’ll know why I commissioned Ben to paint it.  To capture THAT moment.

What about Ben’s work spoke to you?

It wasn’t just Ben’s work that spoke to me … it was the wonderful interaction the three of us (Jen and I, Ben and I) have had throughout this whole journey.  Right from the start, I knew I was in great hands and working with people that listened intently and wanted to make sure the end result and experience was stellar.  

Where in your home are thinking of styling your painting?

I plan to hang the painting at the top of the steps on the wall of the landing outside our bedroom.  That way, every time I walk up the stairs, I’ll enjoy it.  I’m sure Jim will too.  So, a bit private for Jim and I to enjoy, but still somewhere we can show it off to others.

Below is the main image that inspired Sandra and Jim’s wedding painting: