A Philadelphia Wedding Painting from Photos

June 29, 2022

Ben created this Philadelphia wedding painting from photos for Sean and Rachel. Sean had the incredible idea to gift Rachel a wedding painting for their First Anniversary! We may be biased, but we sooo believe paintings are the best gifts! 

When one single photo is so beautiful, it’s like it was just meant to become a painting …

Sean knew exactly the photo he wanted to have Ben use for the painting. Their photographer was Anastasia Romanova Photography (Stop the scroll and go view her photography!) and each over her photos could become a painting. It’s like she composes her photos for paintings! We love her work and Ben was so excited that Sean chose the photo he did for their wedding painting!

Side Note: We play by the copyright laws and ALWAYS reach out to photographers to receive usage permission!

That’s right. Ben does not lift a brush until we have the green light from the photographer. And especially when he’s working from one, single photo for the wedding painting. It’s so important (and it’s the law!) to have permission to use the photo. In 20+ years of painting private commissions, Ben has never had a photographer say no. Like Anastasia, they usually see it as a huge compliment!

Needless to say, we are SO excited to share Sean and Rachel’s First Anniversary painting from their gorgeous Philadelphia wedding day!

Sean & Rachel
Philadelphia Wedding Painting from Photos