Charleston Cedar Room Wedding Painting

Amanda & Grayson’s Charleston Cedar Room Wedding Painting

October 26, 2023

Live Wedding Painting • The Cedar Room, Charleston, SC

Amanda and Grayson’s southern, blue and white, Charleston Cedar Room Wedding painting is one of our favorites to date! Located in the heart of downtown Charleston at the historic Cigar Factory, The Cedar Room has always been one of our favorite wedding venues here! And there’s nothing more exciting than getting to work with our dear wedding industry friends from Pure Luxe Bride!

The truth is: We know a Pure Luxe Bride Charleston wedding when we see one!

And the real magic of it all is that no two Pure Luxe Bride events are ever the same! Francesca and Blake are the magical minds behind Pure Luxe Bride, a boutique wedding planning team based here in Charleston, SC. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been friends and painting their weddings for over a decade now! Years of friendship aside, we know one of their Charleston weddings when we see one! There’s a signature, bespoke, fresh feel to every detail from the florals to the tables and chairs. Each event is so uniquely different and so creative!

The design Pure Luxe Bride created for Amanda and Grayson’s wedding was so, so beautiful. With a classic blue and white wedding palette and overflowing with intentional, personal design elements, there was no shortage of inspiration for their live wedding painting!

The Cedar Room starts as a lovely blank canvas making it so unique with each wedding. We love the historic bricks and exposed beams. By the time Pure Luxe Bride completes the design the day of the wedding, ever direction you look is overflowing with florals and so much pretty! Scroll down to see the incredible photos by our friend Justin Leon Brown! He was such a perfect fit for capturing their fashion forward Charleston wedding with his crisp, film like approach! We are obsessssssed with Justin’s photography!

A first painting under a stunning hanging floral installation

Choosing the subject of their live wedding painting was an easy one for Amanda and Grayson. With such a stunning reception design, they were excited to feature the key details of the floral installation hanging over the dance floor along with the tables overflowing with flowers. The pops of blue, lush greens, and perfect whites were so timeless. Ben loved capturing all the details … and truth be told, he could have painted from all four corners of the room and it would have made for a great painting! And oh my heavens, Amanda’s gown was just a dream!

Amanda and Grayson’s wedding and live painting remind us of just how lucky we are to call the Charleston wedding industry home. Each of the Creatives that made their wedding day come to life is an artist in their own right. They create the art and Ben gets to paint it! Cheers to this incredible couple and their wedding day that was an incredible expression of their love!

We are so excited to share Amanda and Grayson’s finished live wedding painting from The Cedar Room at Charleston’s Cigar Factory!