Live Williamsburg Inn Wedding Painting by Ben Keys

Marissa & Jimmy’s Live Williamsburg Inn Wedding Painting

November 1, 2023

This Williamsburg Inn Wedding Painting from historic Williamsburg, VA, won our hearts completely! Marissa and Jimmy celebrated their ceremony and reception at this beautiful historic hotel.

A Williamsburg Inn Wedding is anchored with a legacy of love

With a love for history and unique architectural details, Ben was so excited about the opportunity to capture Marissa and Jimmy’s wedding with a live painting! And Ben also being a native to Northern Virginia adds another layer of meaning to this day! The Inn was build by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and has entertained and welcomed some of the world’s most famous like President Eisenhower and the Queen of England herself! (Cue Netflix Crown fans!)

The Subject: Recessional First Kiss moment with the Williamsburg Inn in the background

One of the hardest decisions for Marissa and Jimmy was deciding the moment they wanted Ben to paint for their live wedding painting. The Truth is: their ceremony view was beautiful. Their Reception view was beautiful. There wasn’t a view throughout the whole day that wasn’t worthy of a painting! After lots of planning, they landed on a unique subject that Ben hadn’t painted before!

It’s so exciting for Ben to paint something new and different, from a unique perspective.

Instead of a tradition ceremony live painting of their Williamsburg Inn wedding, Marissa and Jimmy decided to capture their first kiss moment during their ceremony recessional … facing the guests! During this moment in real time, the guests were cheering and looking at them as they were recessing out of the ceremony! It was important to capture the charming architecture of the hotel and they also loved the simplicity of it being just the two of them.

Ben had so much fun capturing this ceremony moment for their live wedding painting. He specifically loves the way the light and shadow were coming across the building and terrace … that dappled light makes you feel like your standing there with them! (And to our art lovers … Ben was totally channeling a Hopper vibe!)

For us, it’s the level of detail Ben captured and yet the sheer simplicity of it … that makes it so great! And oh my heavens, you can almost feel how soft Marissa’s veil was through the painting!

Needless to say, we are beyond excited to unveil their finished live painting from their Williamsburg Inn Wedding day!

Marissa & Jimmy
Colonial Williamsburg Inn
Williamsburg, Virginia
24 x 30 in. Live Wedding Painting