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Cape Fear Country Club wedding painting by Live Painter, Ben Keys

Ellen & Ricky’s Cape Fear Country Club Wedding

Live Wedding Painting

September 24, 2021

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Ellen and Ricky’s Cape Fear Country Club wedding was beyond special for Ben to paint. Ben also painted for both of Ellen’s sisters’ Wilmington weddings, that also got married in the exact same venue! Needless to say, it’s been an honor to be part of each Marion daughter’s wedding day in such a meaningful way! Ellen even chose their date based on Ben’s availability – and that alone was the highest compliment!

Ben created a live painting for each of Ellen’s sister’s weddings!

(Edit to add: These sisters got together and commissioned Ben to make a wedding painting for their parent’s anniversary!!)

We are so excited to share Ellen and Ricky’s finished live wedding painting of their first dance. Their Cape Fear Country Club wedding was such a dream, and we love how their painting came together! Being part of each daughter’s wedding is a moment that makes us so grateful to have such a rewarding “job.” The truth is, Ben could paint anything … but getting to bring a fun entertainment AND a what becomes a family heirloom is what keeps Ben inspired.

Cheers to this incredible couple and their Cape Fear Country Club wedding day! What an absolute honor to celebrate with the Marion family again!

Ellen & Ricky
Cape Fear Country Club
Wilmington, NC
24 x 30 in. Live Wedding Painting

Cape Fear Country Club wedding painting by Live Painter, Ben Keys

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