Wedding Painting from Martha's Vineyard

10th Wedding Anniversary Painting | Martha’s Vineyard

November 12, 2021

Looking for the perfect 10th wedding anniversary gift?

We might be (just a little!) biased, but we believe a wedding anniversary painting is the best 10th Anniversary gift! Paintings are such an incredible gift for life’s sweetest milestone moments! Ben absolutely loved creating this special gift for The Herberts 10th Wedding Anniversary!

The Herbert’s sweet ties to Martha’s Vineyard gives their wedding painting so much meaning.

Mary grew up summering in Martha’s Vineyard with her family. The sweet town of Edgartown has a lovely tradition for weddings where the couple exit the church and all of the wedding party and guests follow as they walk down the street to the reception. Mary remembers running out from the storefronts to catch a glimpse of the bride. She loved the music, usually a bagpiper, and the energy and excitement of that moment. She remembers dreaming of one day, making that same walk with her groom from the church to the reception.

Fast forward to Mary’s engagement, it was no surprise that she had hear heart set on a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard … and 10 years ago, that dream came true! Today, Mary lives in Northern Virginia with her beloved husband and children. To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Mary commissioned this painting as a gift!

Needless to say, we are SO excited to share this unique moment and tradition that Mary dreamed of since she was a child!

The Heberts
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
16 x 20 in.


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