Holden Beach Wedding Painting

Holden Beach Wedding • Heather & Chad

May 17, 2023

Heather and Chad’s Holden Beach wedding painting is so special to us! Ben built his reputation as a painter creating North Carolina coastal landscapes, specifically beach paintings, for years. (And this was before he ever began painting live at weddings!) So when there’s the opportunity to marry (pun intended!) a beach painting and a wedding painting … we feel like it’s the best of Ben Keys!

Holden Beach is not far from Wrightsville Beach, where Ben launched his painting career! Ben felt right at home capturing their ceremony on the sand. It was a bright and sunny day, with a perfect ocean view! Following the ceremony, the two celebrated at a beach house with their closest friends and family. Ben continue working on their ceremony painting there throughout the reception. And oh how everyone loved watching their painting come together!

Chad was so incredible to work with! And we LOVE that he chose to surprise Heather with a live painting on their wedding day! Talk about the best wedding gift to your bride ever!

Heather + Chad
Private Residence
Holden Beach, NC
24 x 30 in. Live Wedding Painting

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