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Live Wedding Painting | Jersey City, NJ

Live Wedding Painting

November 8, 2017

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... and this is Jen!  Welcome to our blog where we share our adventures creating  Live Wedding Paintings across the world.

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Suma + Ben
Hyatt Regency on the Hudson
Jersey City, NJ
24 x 36 in. Canvas

I (Jen) will never forget planning with Suma for her and Ben’s live wedding painting.  This NYC couple chose the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City … with one spectacular view of the Hudson!  Suma and Ben were trying to decide on the subject of the painting and the dilemma we faced was that she wasn’t wild about the ceremony as the subject but really wanted the NYC skyline in the painting.  The reception was planned for the ballroom inside, leaving us to really get creative!  As we brainstormed, I asked which events throughout their celebration would take place with that gorgeous skyline view … she responded … the Barat … and we just KNEW that was it!  The best part is that this moment also included all of their family and bridal party that they also wanted included in the painting.  Following the Barat, Ben styled a moment that he photographed and then used to created their painting live during the reception.  Needless to say, we were over-the-moon excited to finally capture a Barat … this has seriously been on our dream painting list!  We just love when couples are comfortable thinking outside of the box!  Cheers to Suma + Ben and their iconic New York City Skyline wedding painting!

Live Wedding Painter, Ben Keys, captured Suma + Ben's Barat overlooking the gorgeous NYC skyline from Jersey City, NJ.  
Live Wedding Painter, Ben Keys, captured Suma + Ben’s Barat overlooking the gorgeous NYC skyline from Jersey City, NJ.  

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Ben and Jen here!  We are so happy to share Ben's Live Wedding Paintings, our wild adventures painting live across the United States and abroad!