The Westin Savannah Harbor Wedding Painting

April 24, 2024

Brooke and Andrew’s Westin Savannah Harbor wedding was one for the books and a live painting story we’ll never forget! Ben and I always say that …

A wedding painting was never meant to be a photograph…

This is the beauty of a live wedding painting! Plans change and we always have a plan in place with each couple’s wedding day. Thank goodness we had a plan for Brooke and Andrew! Their wedding reception was originally planned to take place tented on the lawn overlooking the waterfront view from the Westin Savannah Harbor.

Plot twist: 45 mph wind gusts picked up during setup!

For safety alone, Brooke and Andrew moved their entire reception indoors. The craziest (and most heartbreaking) part: it was actually a gorgeous sunny day! Also, we’ve never seen wind quite like this at a wedding. Watching the guys break down the tent was pretty scary to be honest! Even though there was a sudden shift in the wedding day plan, Ben was able to make her original live wedding painting vision come to life.

You can view actual footage of from their wedding day and live painting here!

Basically, you could ask any vendor on the east coast that had a wedding that weekend and they would say it was a tough day. So many split second decisions were made. (We actually kind of live for this type of adrenaline that comes with creating lemonade out of lemons thrown at us!) Ben loves creating a beautiful live wedding painting in the midst of changes happening all around!

Despite the weather, it was such an incredible wedding day! Even though the entire day didn’t go as originally planned, we are reminded of what a painting can do. Cheers to Brooke and Andrew and their incredible celebration from The Westin Savannah Harbor! Ben is so proud of how their live painting came together!

Brooke & Andrew
The Westin Savannah Harbor
Savannah, Georgia
24 x 30 in. Live Wedding Painting