Top 32 Charleston Wedding Venues, Live Wedding Painter, Ben Keys

32 Best Charleston Wedding Venues for a Live Wedding Painter

June 7, 2023

We are so excited to share our top 32 best Charleston Wedding Venues perfect for a Live Wedding Painter! Over the last 10 years, Ben has been so lucky to have created Live Wedding Paintings at each of these gorgeous Wedding Venues across the Charleston, Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island areas. From our glam hotels downtown to the low country marsh views, each of these venues was just made for a Live Wedding Painter!

1. Lowndes Grove

Lowndes Grove is one of Charleston’s most coveted wedding venues, with the best (and only!) low country marsh view on the Peninsula. It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet close enough to conveniently host an event close to the downtown hotels and night life.

Lowndes Grove was made for a live painting and Ben has painted it from so many vantage points! Whether it’s a ceremony view with the cotton candy sunset over the marsh or a romantic first dance under the tented lights surrounded by friends and family … this venue makes for a perfect live wedding painting!

As a live wedding painter, Ben loves that he’s able to capture a moment from the wedding AND a gorgeous landscape!

You also can’t talk about Lowndes Grove without mentioning Outer Banks! The recent Netflix series, Outer Banks, also made Lowndes Grove famous as the backdrop for much of Season One and Two! We confess, we’ve watched every episode.

2. Middleton Place

Middleton Place is a perfect Charleston Wedding Venue for a Live Wedding Painter! On our days off, we love visiting Middleton Place and strolling the gorgeous souther estate with stunning waterfront views. Needless to say, Middleton Place could be painted from every angle!

The best spot for a Live Wedding Painting at Middleton Place is the huge Oak Tree dripping with Spanish Moss over at the Octagonal Gardens! Ben has loved painting this iconic tree over the years. Having a live painter here feels like you’ve been transported to an estate in Europe with it’s stunning manicured gardens.

Our list of 32 best Charleston wedding venues for a live painting would not be complete without Middleton Place!

3. Boone Hall Plantation

As a Charleston Live Wedding Painter, Ben has probably painted at Boone Hall Plantation the most over the years! From the Avenue of Oaks to the Cotton Dock … our couples have a hard time deciding what will be the backdrop for their Boone Hall Live Wedding Painting!

The Avenue of Oaks line the entrance to this beautiful property, creating an arch over the driveway. It’s like something from a movie! This is a great ceremony spot and backdrop for a live painting.

For smaller weddings, the Cotton Dock is also a great ceremony backdrop for a live wedding painting. Ben has painted there several times. The winding marsh view with cotton candy sunsets make it such a unique view!

Live Wedding Painting at Boone Hall on Cotton Dock

4. The Cigar Factory

We love downtown Charleston Weddings, and the Cedar Room is a perfect venue for it! Nestled inside The Cigar Factory, this venue has the most charming historic architecture. Ben has created so many live wedding paintings here!

The First Dance has by far been the most popular Live Wedding Painting subject that Ben has painted here. And for valid reasons! The beautiful exposed bricks and open floor plan make for an incredible reception space!

The location is what really makes this venue so special! As a live wedding painter, nothing says downtown Charleston like the interiors of this space!

5. Hotel Bennett

If you’re wanting to beat the Charleston heat or not really an outdoorsy couple, the glamorous Hotel Bennett is the way to go! As a Charleston Live Wedding Painter, Ben has loved being able to paint indoors in the summer! (Guests love it, too!)

From the rooftop views and quite possibly the most Insta worthy restaurant bar in downtown Charleston, this hotel makes for a lovely live wedding painting. Ben loves painting First Dance paintings inside the ballroom!!

6.) The Gadsden House

The Gadsden House is a gem here in downtown Charleston! With the iconic charming architecture and beautiful courtyard, Ben has loved creating live wedding paintings here!

Both the First Dance and the First Look have been the most popular moments that Ben has painted. The truth is, our couples have always had a difficult time choosing the one moment they would like to have captured! The First Dance is great because you’re able to include a bit of the architecture of historic home with a beautiful sunset. Some of our couples have loved having their First Look captured with a focus on just the house in the backdrop, too! Either way, you can’t go wrong! The Gadsden House has been such an inspiring Charleston Wedding Venue! Ben has been so lucky to create so many live wedding paintings here!

Middleton Place Charleston Wedding Venue by Live Painter, Ben Keys

7. Legare Waring House

Legare Waring House is Charleston venue that is a bit of a hidden gem! Located at the historic Charlestown Landing, it is actually a State Park. The historic home sits in front of a stunning Avenue of Oaks. The beautiful Live Oaks dripping with Spanish Moss canopied above is the go-to back drop for Live Paintings at this venue!

Guests can also enjoy cocktail hour on the courtyard or behind the house along the pond. There’s just nothing like an al fresco dinner at this historic Charleston wedding venue!

Ben has created several live wedding paintings here over the years. This beautiful low country landscape never runs out of inspiration for a Live Wedding Painter.

Legare Waring House Charleston Wedding Venue by Live Painter, Ben Keys

8. Founders Hall

Founders Hall is another Charleston wedding venue located at Charlestown Landing State Park! What’s so great about this venue is that you’re able to host an indoor wedding reception. A great option to beat the southern heat and still have the beautiful low country landscape surrounding.

Ben has loved creating Live Wedding Paintings here at Founder’s Hall. Guests love visiting this beautiful property as well as celebrating inside!

Founders Hall, Charleston Wedding Venue Live Painting

9. The Governor Thomas Bennett House

The iconic Thomas Bennett House is one of our very favorite wedding venues for a Live Wedding Painting. Situated in the heart of downtown Charleston, you have the charming historic home as the backdrop for it all. And the best part, the new renovation and landscaping now allows for a larger wedding hosting the ceremony with a tented reception.

As a Charleston Live Wedding Painter, one of the hardest decisions is how to capture a ceremony while also including the stunning Thomas Bennett House. For several live paintings, Ben actually turned the entire ceremony so that in the painting, you could also have the home in the backdrop! We always say: The beauty of a live wedding painting is that it was never meant to be a photo!” So there are some scenarios where bending reality is totally worth it to have the prettiest backdrop for the live wedding painting!

Charleston Wedding Venue, Thomas Bennett House

10. Wild Dunes Resort

The Wild Dunes Resort is one of the only beach wedding venues here in Charleston! Ben got his start painting coastal landscapes for gallery before creating live wedding paintings, making this venue really special to him as a Live Painter!

Couples can host their ceremony on the Isle of Palms beautiful beach. Wild Dunes also has an incredible reception venue that’s indoors! It’s the best of both worlds if you’re considering a beach wedding and also want to come inside to avoid the heat!

Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms wedding ceremony live painting

11. William Aiken House

The charming William Aiken House is an iconic Charleston wedding venue nestled in center of downtown Charleston. It’s the quintessential Charleston home with it’s canary yellow facade and stunning lawn. And the best part is that it’s steps from some of Charleston’s best restaurants, bars, and hotels! This is the ultimate Charleston experience and one reason Ben loves creating Live Wedding Paintings here!

Ben has captured first dances along the lawn and ceremonies in front of the stunning ivy wall. You can’t go wrong with either perspective and backdrop for a live wedding painting!

Live Wedding Painting of top downtown Charleston Wedding Venue, William Aiken House

12. Old Wide Awake Plantation

Old Wide Awake Plantation is an absolute dream Charleston wedding venue, and perfect for a live wedding painter! Our most recent couple chose to have their First Look captured for their live painting. And the best part, they included their two sweet dogs! The huge lawn is lovely for ceremonies followed by a tented area that’s ready for the reception! Ben has loved creating Live Wedding Paintings here at Old Wide Awake Plantation!

Top Charleston Venue, Old Wide Awake Plantation

13. Merchants Hall

Overlooking the iconic City Market in downtown Charleston, Merchants Hall is a historic gem. The exposed bricks paired with the beautiful chandeliers bring so much inspiration each time Ben creates a live wedding painting here. (These chandeliers are quite possibly our favorite in all of Charleston!)

Guests will love celebrating the night away … and just steps away from Charleston’s best hotels and restaurants. Merchants Hall is the perfect blank canvas for a Charleston wedding. And as a live wedding painter, Ben absolutely loves capturing this lovely venue.

Top Charleston Wedding Venue: Merchants Hall

14. Wingate Place

Wingate Place is another of Charleston’s hidden gems! With a stunning property with Live Oaks and a great tented reception space, it’s a fantastic option! Ben has loved painting ceremonies here with the pond in the backdrop! The best part is that the little drive to Wingate gives guests the feel of a mini getaway, right here in Charleston!

This Charleston Wedding Venue is stunning and so inspiring for a Live Wedding Painter!

Live Wedding Painting of Vow Renewal at Wingate Place

15. Daniel Island Club

An ideal wedding at the Daniel Island Club begins with a Live Wedding Painter capturing the ceremony out on the lawn, followed by a luxurious indoor reception in their lovely ballroom that also overlooks the marsh view. From the location, to the food, and the planning on side, Daniel Island Club offers such an incredible experience.

Ben loved creating this live wedding painting at Daniel Island featuring the pink sweet grass in full bloom This spot is so peaceful and offers a low country setting paired with a luxury experience and amenities.

Charleston Wedding Venue, Daniel Island Club Live Wedding Painting

16. Creek Club I’On

I’On is a coveted neighborhood in Mount Pleasant that winds along the river. Next to the homes South of Broad, this is one of Charleston’s most beautiful neighborhoods and is also home to the Creek Club. The sunset from Creek Club at I’On is absolutely breathtaking over the marsh as the boats come in.

This incredible Charleston wedding venue is perfect for a live painting of the ceremony waterfront view or of the charming indoor reception space. Ben has loved capturing both over the years!

Creek Club I'ON Wedding painting by Ben Keys

17. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is one of our favorite Charleston wedding venues! The main lawn was absolutely made for a live wedding painting and gives us all the Palm Beach vibes here in Charleston. Tucked away a few miles outside of downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island is a luxury getaway and lovely backdrop for a wedding!

Ben has loved creating Live Wedding Paintings here over the years! From cocktail hours on the main lawn to receptions tented on the 18th Fairway … it’s such a dream setting with a perfect ocean view!

The Sanctuary Kiawah Island, Charleston Wedding Venue

18. Cannon Green

Cannon Green is like a Palm Beach meets Charleston vibe! We absolutely love this sweet Charleston venue created by the fabulous Easton Porter Group! The food is incredible, and the ambiance is a fresh, charming take for downtown Charleston! Ben absolutely loves creating live wedding paintings here.

The courtyard is so beautiful and modern with the fountains lined with palm trees. (Or as we locals refer to them as Palmetto Trees!) Here’s one of our favorite live paintings created there. The couple actually requested a very impressionistic style without facial features. This is one of our favorite Charleston Live Wedding Paintings to this day!

19. Upstairs at Midtown

Upstairs at Midtown is a perfect spot for Charleston micro weddings, welcome dinners, and rehearsals! As a live wedding painter, Ben has loved capturing this sweet space over the years. The location is so unique and on the second floor of King Street. The historic charm of the building with the exposed bricks is so lovely and the food is incredible!

20. The Dewberry

For the Midcentury Modern lovers, The Dewberry is a hotel after your own heart! We love this luxury boutique hotel from the beautiful ballrooms to the rooftop views overlooking the Charleston harbor. This hotel has a lovely ceremony space and indoor reception space.

As a live wedding painter here in Charleston, Ben loves painting the skyline view from the rooftop at The Dewberry!

21. Ashley Hall

This next Charleston Wedding Venue might surprise you! Ashley Hall School is located in downtown Charleston and it’s no surprise that this campus was voted most beautiful several years in a row! The beautiful architecture and Live Oaks is perfectly southern. Some of our nations best writers like Madeleine L’engle were once students here. The history and beauty is so inspiring, making it one of our favorite backdrops for a live wedding painting!

Receptions hosted on the lawn are a dream! And the Shell House is what coastal dreams are made of!!

22. Charleston Music Hall

Another surprising wedding venue is the Charleston Music Hall and it’s such a great space for a Live Wedding Painting! If you are a huge music fan and love the lights and cameras or the feeing of being on stage, this is a great venue for the music lovers! Located in downtown Charleston, it’s a wow for guests to experience an event inside this space!

23. Charleston Marriott

We are so excited to feature this next Charleston Wedding Venue and how beautiful it can be for a Live Wedding Painting! The Charleston Marriott might be our top pick for hosting a larger guest count and still wanting to be downtown. The ballrooms are large and offer a blank slate for your event design. And the best part is that this venue overlooks the Charleston Harbor with a lovely waterfront view.

24. Trinity United Methodist Church

If you’re thinking about getting married in the Holy City, we completely understand wanting to choose one of Charleston’s beautiful churches as the backdrop for your ceremony! Trinity United Methodist Church is a great ceremony Venue and is by far one of our favorite options for a Charleston Wedding Venue!

Architecture is one of Ben’s favorite details to capture as a Live Wedding Painter, and our local churches are overflowing with visual inspiration! From Sword Arches to Recessionals down the beautiful steps, there are so many moments that can be captured for a live wedding painting!

25. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

If you’re considering a Church Wedding Venue in Charleston, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is such a breathtaking cathedral! The long aisle down the middle of this Cathedral makes it every bride’s dream!

Pro Tip: St. John does not allow a Live Wedding Painter inside to paint, but Ben has created an outdoor painting of the outside of the architecture!

Whether it’s a live wedding painting of the inside or the outside architecture, this is one of the best wedding venues to get married at here in downtown historic Charleston!

26. Historic Rice Mill

The Historic Rice Mill is one of the best Charleston Wedding Venues for a live wedding because of it’s unique view of the water and marina! Ceremonies can be held along the water or in the front of the Rice Mill. The indoor reception space is also lovely with the historic exposed bricks.

Ben has loved painting here and capturing this beautiful Charleston Wedding Venue in past Live Wedding Paintings!

Charleston Wedding Venue, Historic Rice Mill Live Painting

27. Harborside East Event Venue

Harborside East made our top Charleston Wedding Venues List because of it’s incredible view of the Ravenel Bridge! Located on the Mount Pleasant side, the view is just stunning during sunset with cotton candy skies! As a live wedding painter, Ben loves capturing this reception view! Here is one of Ben’s first live paintings that he created here in Charleston!

Live Wedding Painting from Charleston's Harborside East

28. The Gibbes Museum

An art museum is absolutely the perfect backdrop for a Live Wedding Painter! We are so lucky to have the fabulous Gibbes Museum in the heart of downtown Charleston! From courtyard ceremonies, cocktail hours in the Rotunda, and tented reception, this venue is a must to consider for your Charleston Wedding!

One of our favorite events that Ben captured at The Gibbes Museum was actually The Knot Market Mixer. The wedding industries top vendors gathered to celebrate and Ben was chosen as the event’s Live Wedding Painter!

29. Hibernian Hall

Hibernian Hall was one of the very first Charleston Wedding Venues that Ben painted at almost 10 years ago! It’s an absolute dream, and centrally located in the heart of downtown Charleston. From the iconic black and white porch with grand columns and spiral stare cases, this venue is a lovely blank canvas!

Here’s one of Ben’s very first pieces after moving to Charleston to begin his career as a Live Wedding Painter!

30. Planters Inn

The Planters Inn gives us all the tropical vibes and historic charm! But what makes this downtown hotel one of Charleston’s best wedding venues is actually that couples can have their famous 10 layer coconut cake!

The outside courtyard is the perfect setting for a ceremony Live Wedding Painting. Ben has loved capturing this dreamy architecture with the swaying Palmettos! The hotel also has a lovely indoor reception space, too, making it a great venue option year round!

31. The French Huguenot Church

In Charleston, we even have PINK Churches! The French Huguenot Church makes our Top Charleston Wedding Venue list not only because of it’s incredible architecture … but yes, it’s PINK! It’s perfectly understanding that all of our couples have opted for a Live Wedding Painting moment that features the beautiful facade.

If you’re considering a ceremony in one of the Holy City’s beautiful churches, the French Huguenot is one to consider … and we may be biased, but it’s every Live Wedding Painter’s dream to capture!

32. Park & Grove

Last but not least, our Top Charleston Wedding Venue List wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our own reception venue. Though the ownership has changed, Ben and I celebrated our own wedding at what is now Park & Grove. A darling neighborhood restaurant located in downtown Charleston is a favorite spot for locals. Though the space is best for micro weddings or welcome dinners, it’s absolutely delicious and offers a true local experience!