Ben Keys

International Fine Art Live Wedding Painter based in Charleston, SC




Love Notes from our clients

"Having Ben Keys paint our ceremony was truly the most unique detail we could have had on our special day!"

"The painting was such a fun part that our guests loved and we are still hearing compliments of how special it was. We had an outdoor ceremony under oak trees in a park and Ben captured it so perfectly!

Before the big day, I discussed with them my vision for what details I wanted captured in the painting and even discussed what would happen if it rained and we had to have a tent. They really made the process seamless and stress free. We loved that the painting background was started before our guests arrived to the ceremony and then was finished with more details of us and our guests throughout the night at the reception location.

It was really something fun to keep our guest entertained during cocktail hour and throughout the evening. Ben and Jennifer Keys were both so personable and professional with us and our guests that we couldn’t be happier. Now we have a gorgeous painting that was created right where we said our vows to remember our special day!"

"He is extremely talented...

"I stumbled upon one of Ben’s paintings in a photographer’s online portfolio and knew immediately that I wanted a live event painting and by that very same artist, who wasn’t credited. I clicked on every live event artist’s website I came across and was so excited when I finally found Wed on Canvas!

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our painting and couldn’t recommend Ben Keys more highly to anyone who is considering a live painting for their wedding. He is extremely talented at capturing what scenery and people truly look like while still putting his own unique touch on the painting.

As a bonus, he and his lovely wife Jennifer are a pleasure to work with and our guests really enjoyed watching the painting progress during the reception. I know this is something that we will always treasure, and I also know that Wed on Canvas has been busy busy busy busy, so my advice is to hurry up and book!"

Tammy L.

"100% our favorite keepsake from the best day of our lives!"

"It was such an honor and dream to be able to work with Ben and his wife Jen! Having Wed on Canvas be a part of our wedding day was the coolest experience ever. Weeks later, our friends and family are still raving over how magical it was to witness the canvas come to life."

Jane J.

"I cannot say enough amazing things...

"I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Ben and Jen Keys. They are truly a top-notch, professional, and dynamic duo! This painting was a lovely gift from my then husband-to-be, and it was the HIT (absolute HIT) of our wedding reception!!! I think our guests took more pictures of Ben painting than they did of the wedding party!

I truly did not anticipate the absolute joy and excitement this type of creative entertainment offered to both us, and our wedding guests.

From start to finish, Ben and Jen were organized, enthusiastic, and supportive of all our ideas. They arrived early (and promptly) to set up and then they worked the entire night (and then some, as it takes a few weeks to finish the painting—and don’t forget the Thank You cards!! What a neat thing to offer to your guests so they can see the final product!).

I just saw the finished painting yesterday evening and it is just spectacularly jaw-dropping. The vivid colors, the detailing of dresses, Ben truly captured the happiness and joy of that First Dance. I cannot wait to put this on my mantle in our new home! If you want to make an incredible impact with your guests, and have the additional benefit of a truly memorable and creative moment from your wedding, commission a painting with Ben & Jen Keys. Worth every penny and more.

Melinda H.

"If you want to make an incredible impact with your guests, and have the additional benefit of a truly memorable and creative moment from your wedding, commission a painting with Ben & Jen Keys."

Melinda H.

“The final painting is in and it is breathtaking! Ben Keys of Wed on canvas is AMAZING! If you’re getting married, I would definitely recommend this. It’s painted live at the reception and you’ll have it forever!”


"Dear Brides, If I have anything to offer you, my pearl of wisdom would be to invest in Ben Keys Live Wedding Painting."

"I was surprised by my Aunt and Grandmother to have Ben come to our wedding and paint our first dance LIVE. I was so shocked that they kept that big of a secret from me since I planned most of my wedding and that they chose Ben, who is a Charleston based painter, whom I read lots about during the planning process. From what my aunt has told me, he and his wife are super easy to work with and were able to coordinate with my wedding planner to make it an ultimate surprise. Our guests loved watching him paint during the ceremony and reception and enjoyed talking to him as well.

The best part is that he is INCREDIBLE. His work is breathtaking and well worth the investment. We got our finished product this past weekend and I cannot take my eyes off the detail. I truly feel like I am captivated by it and feel as if we are able to relive the best night of our lives just by looking at it in our living room. It is a 23 x 30 in. canvas and certainly makes a statement in any room.

If you want your wedding to stand out, consider adding Ben Keys’ wedding painting into your budget. Your guests will continue to talk about how unique and flawless his work is!! I clearly only have positive and raving things to say about him and his wife. I can only hope to attend a wedding as a guest where he is painting in the near future.”"

"The best vendor!"

"Wed on Canvas was the BEST vendor we worked with during our entire wedding process! Ben’s work was one of the most talked about things at our wedding. It was great entertainment and it is so fun to have a tangible piece of art from our actual day.

We interviewed a few live painters and after seeing Ben’s work and learning more about him, we were sold! Being from Chicago, we had many options to pick from, but we 100% wanted Ben at our wedding! He beyond exceeded our expectations. While working with Wed on Canvas you receive such genuine care. All of the other vendors we worked with literally dropped us the minute our wedding ended. Wed on Canvas actually cares and followed up after the wedding, which I really appreciated! They are genuine people who truly feel joy in bringing happiness into the lives of others.

If you want to make a statement at your wedding and are considering a live painter, you MUST use Ben! I can guarantee you will be happy with the results”

Jenny F.

"All of our guests were raving!"

I thought I was obsessed with Ben and Jen of Wed on Canvas when I first booked them, but boy has my obsession grown now that we finally got to meet Ben and saw how magical and beautiful it was to watching our painting come to life. All of our guests were raving about how incredible it was to watch, and so many wished they had known about Wed on Canvas when they got married. We can not wait to see the finished product and to find the perfect little place in our home to admire it forever. It will be cherished forever. Ben and Jen, thank you for being so easy to talk to and for being talented beyond words.”

Lauren N.

"Our new family tradition!"

I was looking for a unique wedding gift for my daughter, Lauren and her husband, Chuck. In one of the bridal magazines I noticed they had an artist painting at the reception. It was by far Chuck and Lauren’s favorite gift! I wanted it to be a surprise on their wedding day, and working with Ben and Jennifer was a pleasure. I decided a painting of their first dance would be perfect, as they had been working hard on their dancing.

Just as the wedding party and parents were waiting to be announced, Lauren noticed Ben painting in the corner of the venue and asked who he was. I told her he was there to paint their first dance. She was so thrilled and very surprised!

Ben did such a wonderful job. It was also great entertainment for all of our guests. Ben was very approachable, friendly, and willing to talk to many guests who wanted to watch him work. Before the wedding reception ended, Lauren and Chuck had already chosen a place in their home to hang their new piece of art.

Wed on Canvas also offers to print thank you notes of the wedding painting. Lauren sent these out to her guests, and we could not believe the number of wonderful comments we heard from them. I have one more daughter and son who will be getting married some day and I plan to have Wed on Canvas at both of their weddings. It will be our new family tradition!

Jeanne W. 

The best decision we could have EVER made was hiring Ben to create a live painting of our wedding day! It is no exaggeration that I am still getting texts and calls after the wedding begging to see the final product. 

Maria T.

“Ben’s talent, friendliness, and professionalism are top notch! His live painting was an unforgettable addition to our wedding day. He and his wife are two of the nicest people I have ever met and would highly recommend them to anyone!!”


"He is an unbelievably talented artist."

Having Ben Keys at my daughter’s wedding in Naples, Florida added such a unique touch to the reception and my guests are still talking about how much fun it was to watch him paint the bride and groom’s “First Dance” as the reception was going on.

He is an unbelievably talented artist and captured the beauty of the reception complete with perfect lighting, tall flower arrangements, the exquisite tables and of course, the gorgeous bride and groom.

We surprised our daughter with the gift of the oil painting and she was thrilled. Ben Keys traveled to Naples for the reception because I could not find a live event painter of his talent in Florida.

He is not only talented but also reasonably priced, classy and a pleasure to deal with. I am definitely hiring him for my three son’s weddings when the time comes. I would like to give Wed on Canvas and Ben Keys the highest recommendation possible and the loudest “shout out” for adding so much to my daughter’s wedding. He will not disappoint you.”

"An immediate family heirloom."

“We ran across the concept of a live painting by reading a wedding blog. When we saw it, we knew we had to have it as part of our wedding day.

That was truly one of the best decisions made for our wedding. Ben was truly a masterful artist capturing a moment of our ceremony perfectly. The colors, the attention to details, WOW!!

What’s more, he was extremely engaging and connected well with our guests. Having a live painting was so unique and added another dimension of elegance to our day.

The outcome of his effort was a jaw-dropping art piece that has become an immediate family heirloom. We still cannot stop looking at the piece! Wed on Canvas was extremely easy to work with and were very thoughtful throughout the process. I would highly recommend them for any live painting feature at an event.”

LaToya I.

"All my guests are still talking about Ben!"

"It was amazing to work with Ben and Jennifer. From the first day I emailed Jennifer until the painting was complete, they were so helpful. Guests are still talking about how friendly Ben was while he was painting. I love how he interacted with the crowd. AND THE PAINTING WAS AMAZING!! I cannot thank them enough”

Megan T.

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