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Telluride Ski Resort Wedding | Colorado

Live Wedding Painting

June 21, 2021

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Natalie & Joe’s Telluride Ski Resort Wedding in Colorado was one of the most adventurous and heartfelt ceremonies that Ben has painted to date! From the San Sophia Overlook, their snow covered ceremony had the most incredible mountain view. And it’s the ultimate mountain view that is a 360 degree view! Tucked away in Colorado, Telluride Ski Resort won our hearts!

There’s “live paintings” and now there’s “adventure live paintings!”

This was 100% an adventure live wedding painting! It’s one thing to create a live wedding painting in an glamorous ballroom and a completely different thing to paint IN THE SNOW on an active ski slope with skiers flying around you. Then cue the 40 mph wind gusts that picked up just as the bride was walking over to the ceremony. We learned so many new things about live paintings on top of that mountain! There’s also the altitude. Where the air is so dry, the paint won’t dry! Or the reflection off of the snow is so bring, it was almost impossible to view Ben’s iPhone screen! Hands down, we would take on the challenge again because capturing this view was so worth it!

A Telluride Ski Resort Wedding painting is 100% worth the adventure, and we would do it again!

Ben and I (Jen) laughed hard and cried hard on their wedding day. I will never forget the moment Natalie walked across the snow with her sparkling gown blowing in the wind with the magnificent mountains circling around us. It was unforgettable. We are forever grateful that Natalie and Joseph chose Ben to create a live painting of their Telluride Ski Resort Wedding adventure!

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